Website Development

Website Development
Front-End, Back-End Developers


PHP Web Development

PHP is a widely used server side scripting language that is embedded into HTML. Being open source technology, PHP Programming makes for a cost effective web solutions. We at Miracle Technologies, have been coding extensively for PHP development services. We lead as php expert India due to in-depth expertise for php ecommerce development and custom php application.

ASP.Net Development / C#.Net Programming

Miracle Technologies helps client's to design, develop and integrate applications and solutions based on the Microsoft .Net platform. Miracle Technologies .NET team develops and delivers comprehensive solutions utilizing the full capability of Microsoft .NET functionality. ASP.Net is the Microsoft programming language that allows for the rapid development of powerful web applications with benefits of .Net framework.

Our experienced software coders, developers, programmers work with you to understand your requirements and demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft .NET framework and develop the system to the requirements.

Joomla Customization & Web Development

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS. Being open source, it provides a wide platform and benefits for Joomla web application development. Miracle Technologies being an established PHP development company, provides Joomla development services and Joomla developer/programmer for hire.

Wordpress web development

Wordpress is an open source blogging platform that uses PHP coding. It is hugely popular among Wordpress web developer and users due to the features and functionalities that it provides. We at Miracle Technologies, make maximum use of the Wordpress programming features to provide effective Wordpress web development solutions.

We provide a wide range of services for Wordpress rapid development. Get your desired Wordpress website development service/solution from our wordpress web development company, India to satiate your business needs.

Front-End Development

  • Spaghetti code (messy and bulky code): making the website generally difficult to update and maintain
  • Pages will not be search engine friendly: any future SEO work may require completely re-coding the entire website
  • Code will gradually get worse: updates to the site will cause degradation to already low quality HTML
  • Pages will not comply to Accessibility Standards: this ultimately reduces your target audience
  • Generated code will contain errors: this will cause cross-browser incompatibility and confuse search engines, again reducing your target audience

Shockingly, most websites on the website suffer from a few or all of the problems above. Industry statistics indicate that well under 1% of the number of sites on the internet that have a solid HTML foundation. Most web developers today still opt for the lazy approach and use code generators to create supposedly "professional" websites. At css graphix, we take the care to 'hand code' every single inch of your website to absolute perfection using scalable, semantic and standards-compliant code. Our code is:
  • ...minimal: as a result the pages are easy to manage and update.
  • ...structured: the website is built upon a scalable frame work and can easily be expanded.
  • ...SEO friendly: your content is presented to search engines in the best possible way
  • ...error-free: making the website compatible with major web browsers
  • ...compliant with industry standards: the website will continue to be compatible with web-browsers in the future

Back-End Development

Once a project has been through front-end development it is handed over to a back-end developer. This is the stage where all the 'behind the scenes' work goes on - the front-end of the site is connected to programming functions and databases that will make the web site actually work.

We have knowledge of and can support development using the following:
  • Markup: HTML & XHTML, XML, RDF.
  • Stylesheet: CSS, XLST.
  • Syndication: XML, Atom, RDF, ROR, JSON, TXT, CSV, TSV.
  • Server-side Programming: PHP 4 & PHP 5.
  • Client-side Programming: Javascript, AJAX.
  • Databases / Query Languages: My SQL.
  • SEO Specific: Google Sitemaps, Google Feeds, Yahoo Sitemaps.